Mantorp Sweden 2008

There is a great feeling about this race, and we are all ready to rumble! First qualifying run, and we are in the second pairing, nice burnout but when we get back to the starting line a problem arises: there is oil on the strip at 60ft and around the 1/8 mls traps. We are forced to abandon the qualifying run but upon inspection later, no oil leak can be found on the funny car. Later on, the race director finds the oil came from another car, so our first qualifying run is lost. Only having 3 out of 4 qualy runs is bad enough for us, since we do not have the possibility of testing and tuning the engine in Belgium...

Friday night, the second-first qualifying run, and the FC is all over the place, Danny just hits the sidewalls...not too much damage and Danny is OK. Temperatures are way above 30°C, and the track is just too hot too handle, it even needs water cooling at night... After 2 more qualiy runs on saturday we take the 5th position with a 6.14, up against Ulf leanders in the first round.First elimination run: Ulf away first, tireshake for Danny. Ulf goes straight as you like, taking the win with a 6.07s/387km, the fastest time of the week-end... Time for the team to enjoy the rest of the race as spectators.

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Yeahhhh!  Voor de 1ste keer in de geschiedenis is een Belgisch Team Europese Kampioen Dragrace. Uitstekende resultaten, snelste tijden, beste kwalificaties, perfect team work, doorzettings vermogen, geen schade wat wil een team meer!!


6de ronde finale Santa Pod uk, runner up!

1ste race voor Danny's Racing Team vanaf 19-21 augustus in Hockenheim. Blown Alcohol Hemi is getest op Dyno Unlimited van Danny Cars en het team is zeer tevreden. Dit weekend wordt de hemi volledig terug opgebouwd , opgestart en de truck geladen zodat we woensdag richting de aktie kunnen vertrekken. Donderdag is rustdag met enkel opbouw van de pit, opstarten van de FC en algemene keuring. Vanaf vrijdag nitro power...graag zien we jullie daar....


Wij hebben een nieuw record behaald Tierp Zweden 2017 5.44 sec 1/4 mls

Track record  Alastaro Finland 2018  5.48 sec/1/4 mls

Track record Hockenheim Duitsland 2018 5.49 sec /1/4 mls

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