Weekend van 8-10 September European Finals Santa Pod UK, Remco Scheelings

5de ronde Tierp personal best 5.44 sec/ 1/4mls WINNAAR

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Verslag Remco Scheelings

Verslag Willy Bouchez

Verslag Remco Scheelings

Verslag Remco Scheelings

4de ronde NitrOlympx Hockenheim personal best 5.50 sec 1/4 mls Runner UP

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Verslag van Willy Bouchez NitrOlympx 2017

Verslag in Remco Scheelings

Verslag in Remco Scheelings

2de ronde Fia Tierp Zweden 2017 WINNAAR personal best 5.52 sec 1/4mls


Verslag Remco Scheelings

Licentie runs Main Event 2017 Sandro Bellio verslag Remco Scheelings

Danny Bellio, Danny's Racing Team is back in business












19 - 21 augustus






1ste race voor Danny's Racing Team vanaf 19-21 augustus in Hockenheim. Blown Alcohol Hemi is getest op Dyno Unlimited van Danny Cars en het team is zeer tevreden. Dit weekend wordt de hemi volledig terug opgebouwd , opgestart en de truck geladen zodat we woensdag richting de aktie kunnen vertrekken. Donderdag is rustdag met enkel opbouw van de pit, opstarten van de FC en algemene keuring. Vanaf vrijdag nitro power...graag zien we jullie daar....

We are almost ready with the Funny Car and packing the Truck 

Tuesday we are closing at 16h and heading to Calais
Thursday is test day at Santa Pod where we are going to make our first run
Friday we are a day off and watching the sportsman classes and catch up with the other race teams
Saturday and Sunday we are qualifying for the finals on Monday


The last race of the season started for Danny’s Racing Team on Wednesday with some testing. We were able to make 4 runs during testday. As it seemed that the data from Tierp were not working at Santa Pod, we had to start from scratch. After 4 runs we at least had a starting point for the qualifications.

How fantastic. Sun, sun and sun in Santa Pod for the final weekend of the European Championship. The team arrived on Thursday and made everything ready to put down some good runs. But in the first qualification Danny’s car suffered a broken transmission. In the second run of the day Danny had to drive through shake and the car was moving to the left and to the right. Still a nice 5,98 sec.

When we left Tierp in June we couldn’t imagine that we would be back here in August. After the crash we thought that the season was over for us. But with a lot of hard work and help from several people the body and the chassis were repaired and the car received a new paint.

After winning the first round at Santa Pod we are looking forward to race at the nice state of the race arena at Tierp, in Sweden.
On the way over Danny's Racing Team Made a stop by Dan Larsen in Denmark. Dan offered to help restore the body after it was damaged in Santa Pod

Fifth and last round of the FIA European Championship 2011.

After 2 months we're back on the track for the 4th round of the FIA European Championship. at Hockenheim. It's the closest track for us and we were looking forward to an exciting weekend of racing.

The second round of the FIA European Championship took place at the brand new track in Tierp, 100 km to the north of Stockholm. What an amazing place!!
A very long drive (2 days, 1800 km) but well worth it. A nice place with a well prepared track, everything well organised and a perfect spot for dragrace fans to watch the races from the
grandstands. On top of that we had 3 days of sunshine and very hot weather.

Season 2011 started with the first round of the FIA European Championship in Santa Pod, England. Danny's Racing Team was planned to make some testruns on Thursday, but unfortunately it rained, so racing was impossible. On Saturday qualification began. It was very windy but dry. On the first run Danny went into stage

Already the last race of the  European season. So the team took the opportunity to make some extra runs during the Pro Peak Performance Day on Wednesday. Danny's first run was a nice 5,92 sec. There were some troubles with the chutes as they entangled, so we knew that the chute-problem was still not resolved. During the second pass, Danny's car hit shake immediately after the start and he had to shut off.

Danny's Racing Team went with no less than 4 racers to the Dutch Finals in Drachten. Danny to make some testruns with his Top Methanol Funny Car, Mario drove his Chevrolet Monza in the Pro ET class, Sandro competed in Super Pro ET with his Chevrolet Bel Air Funny Car andChristiano made his debute on a Junior Dragbike. With a 0.027 reaction time he was second qualifyer at the end of day two.

After all the troubles earlier this season we were anxious to start racing in Hockenheim. We couldn't find the right setup for our new combination at Mantorp, so we hoped to get it done this weekend.

After all the damage we suffered at the Easter Thunderball and the Main Event, it was not easy to get ready for the 3th round of the European Championship. The car needed a new engine and lots of other parts. The last parts arrived just in time and the truck left for Sweden on Tuesday evening.

But our season didn't start the way we hoped. After the damage we had at Easter our engine needed to be repaired but it  wasn't ready in time for the first round. Graham Ellis had a spare engine and he wanted us to use it during the main event, we also got some pistons and rods from Dan Larsen. The engine was installed and we were ready for some testing. On Thursday we did two testruns, 60ft times looked great.

During the first round of the UEM Championship Danny's Racing Team was invited to make some demo-runs. So along with a few other cars we made the trip to Kunmadaras in Hungary. This was the second year that the bikes had a championship round on this track. And Kunmadaras is actually a perfect place to become a future FIA event.

As mentioned earlier Danny's Racing Team went to the National Finals in the UK. Not with Danny's Funny Car, but with Sandro's '55 Bel Air Funny Car to compete in Super Pro ET.

For the last round of the European Championship we went to Santa Pod, this time with perfect weather for good racing.

On the first qualifying day we were struggling with heavy tire shake and wheel spin. In the 3rd run on Saturday the same story. The car went aggressively of the line but went immediately into tire shake. We had to come up with a different plan for the last qualifying run.

Danny's Racing team spend last weekend at the NitrOlympx  in Hockenheim. Already the fourth round of the FIA European Championship and as every year it is very nice to see so many Belgian supporters here at this event. The weather was great during the races, not warm, but hot, very hot!!

The 3rd FIA round of the European Championship was in Mantorp Park Sweden. Like every season we are looking forward to experience the great atmosphere again at the Veidec Festival. The team arrived on Wednesday and prepared the Funny Car on Thursday.

After a long drive of 1900km and a ferry for 8 hours, the team finally arrived at Alastaro circuit on Thursday. The weather was great and we spend the day with preparing the car for the second FiA round of the season. Here in Finland it' is always a little bit strange in the evening, you are waiting for the night and darkness to come, but it doesn't.

We had a great couple of days at the Main Event with ups and downs. First thing, the weather: lot's of sun and not a drop of rain during the whole weekend. This is one of the most important elements we need for racing, and very much wanted at Santa Pod after the bad weather we had the last few years.

Danny's Racing Team spent last weekend at the 17th Drag Power Show at Mirecourt in France. The team took the two Funny cars ,the Dodge Charger and Sandro's Chevrolet Bel Air, to do some demo-runs during the Super Show in the afternoon and at night.
The weather was sunny, the crowd was enthusiast and we had a great time. 

Last weekend a new dragracing season started for Danny Bellio and his team. During off season a lot of work was done on the funny car and truck and some new parts (body, clutch…) have been installed. So the car was ready to do a first outing on the track at Santa Pod.              

This was certainly not the weekend we agined for ending our drag racing season.
We spend 3 days waiting for the rain to stop. The track crew didn't stop working trying to get the track race ready. Once they managed to get it dry, the rain came down again.

Last weekend we had a 'première' at the Drachten Finals. Danny's racing team appeared at the track with two Funny Cars. Danny was their with the Top Methanol Funny Car, Sandro (Chief mechanic for the TMFC) brought his newly acquired '55 Chevrolet Bel Air to the track.

Fourth round of the European Championship. Arrival on Thursday under a superb and cloudless sky. Promising!, but by nightfall dark clouds gather over the circuit and moments later it is raining cats and dogs... It takes until friday late afternoon before the first run can be made and the FIA classes are up first.

There is a great feeling about this race, and we are all ready to rumble! First qualifying run, and we are in the second pairing, nice burnout but when we get back to the starting line a problem arises: there is oil on the strip at 60ft and around the 1/8 mls traps. We are forced to abandon the qualifying run but upon inspection later, no oil leak can be found on the funny car.

Tuesday night we left for Alastaro, Finland. A 1880 km journey and 10 hours of ferry later we arrived at the track... The weather was lovely with plenty of sunshine, too bad only 6 funny cars were competing in the race.

Over the last week-end, Danny's Racing Team attended the Dutch Dragracing opening event at the new strip in Drachten, Holland. We were really surprised with the excellent changes that have been made to the track, which now looks like some real fast times will be possible in the future, and a beautiful location for the drivers as well! There were grandstands for the public and the organizing Explosion Team was very professional!

Danny's Racing Team was there, the European presentation of the all new and exclusive Yamaha V-Max 2009 for the international press! A mega show with dragsters and jet planes, in which Danny played a major role!

The first FIA event that we have been waiting for all winter!

It was lovely racing weather in Chambley, and we shared the pit area with Lisa Selles and her junior dragster. The junior dragster has a really impressive team this week-end! We have to perform 1 show run each day, so we have spare time to go and see the action from the stands at the strip.

The Funny Car is ready for test runs and we had a nice opportunity to do our first test runs at Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod. Unfortunately the weather was so bad, we were unable to unpack the necessary gear because of the strong winds and rain. Friday some sportsman classes did some runs between showers. 

Was a wonderful week-end for young and old. The funnycar was started a few times, which drew crowds of people, but the most exciting moment was the burnout Danny made on Saturday. To test the rear axle for Luckau Danny decided to make a burnout test. All went as planned and the huge display of smoke, noise and power was on everyone's lips for the rest of the week-end...

A week-end we will remember for a long time, but for the wrong reasons! An object that was in the middle of the shutdown area (unbelievable but sadly true...) wrecked the cars front right side. Luckily our good Dutch friends Jaap and Jan where in Luckau, and they mobilized another friend that took care of the body and repaired the damage in the next two days so that we could attend the Chambley Power Show the next week-end! 
We cannot thank Francil, Jaap and Jan enough for the 2 days and nights they spent working on the body. Respect!

Dinsdag avond half 5, tijd om richting Zweden te vertrekken! De bus is gepakt en gezakt. Iedereen van het team is aan boord. De rit wordt gestart en de sfeer bij Danny's Racing Team zit er goed in. Iedereen gelooft erin dat we het goed zullen doen.

Woensdag avond half 7, na een drukke dag in de shop was het eindelijk tijd om de gepakte en gezakte bus "on the road" te brengen. Om half elf zouden we de boot op kunnen in Calais richting Dover. Om vandaaruit richting UK te rijden, waar de mooie dragracestrip Santa Pod ligt.

Vrijdagavond half 6, stralende zon aan de hemel! Danny's Racing Team staat klaar om richting strip te rijden. De strip van Chambley. 

Tijd voor een eerste test op een goed geprepareerde baan, met veel grip. Resulaat: een verpulvering van onze persoonlijke besttijd van 4,68 seconden naar 4,14 seconden en 287 km/h over de 1/8 mijl! U leest er alles over in het verslag van de Drachten MPM Internationals.

De eerste echte test voor de nieuwe motorcombinatie verliep zoals verhoopt! U leest er alles over in in het weekendverslag van Le Pechereau 2005.


Wij hebben een nieuw record behaald Tierp Zweden 2017 5.44 sec 1/4 mls

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