Kunmadaras 2010


During the first round of the UEM Championship Danny's Racing Team was invited to make some demo-runs. So along with a few other cars we made the trip to Kunmadaras in Hungary. This was the second year that the bikes had a championship round on this track. And Kunmadaras is actually a perfect place to become a future FIA event.

The weather was nice and warm. One thing about the Hungarian spectators, they are very enthusiast about dragracing.

On Friday we made one run and on Saturday and Sunday two. We had changed the engine due to the severe damage we had at the Easter Thunderball. But unfortunately we had problems with getting the power down the track in Kunmadaras. And so we didn't manage to put a good time on the boards.

At this moment we are preparing for the Main Event in Santa Pod and we hope to be ready in time.

Dear Race Fans,
Finally the race season starts for Danny's Racing Team Belgium.The Funny Car was at Andy Robinson's  shop after 2009 season to do some work at the chassis and now Danny hopes it runs again like a Cadillac...
We compete the Easter Thunderball in Santa Pod to do our first testruns and hopefully we can find a good setup for the Fia races ,who starts with the Main Event in Santa Pod UK.
The Funny Car with his new bodydesign will look great on the track:

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Na de winst van de Main Event en een aangename voorsprong in punten wachtte ons een lange zomer zonder races. Nadat de race in Finland werd geannuleerd volgde ook de Nationals race in Zweden.

Eindelijk na 2 jaar pandemie is her zover, dragrace seizoen 2022 is van start gegaan met een eerste winst voor Danny's Racing Team tijdens de Main Event in Santa Pod UK. Met een run van 5.48 sec slaagde het team erin om1 van de snelste runs on the track te rijden. Met het hoogst aantal punten in het klassement kijkt het team vol verwachting uit naar de volgende race op 13 - 15 augustus in deTierp Arena in Zweden.

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Wij hebben een nieuw record behaald Tierp Zweden 2017 5.44 sec 1/4 mls

Track record  Alastaro Finland 2018  5.48 sec/1/4 mls

Track record Hockenheim Duitsland 2018 5.49 sec /1/4 mls

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